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The Cochrane Skin - Core Outcome Set Initiative (CS-COUSIN) is a multiprofessional international initiative that supports the development and implements Core Outcome Sets (COS) in dermatology in order to improve and standardise outcome measurement in clinical trials and to make trial evidence more useful. It is part of Cochrane Skin.

A COS is a standardised consented minimum set of domain and outcome measurement instruments to be used in every trial in a medical field. A core outcome set does not mean that only COS should be measured, but simply that the COS should be measured in all future trials of that particular skin disease so that results can be compared properly. Outcomes that are additional to the COS can be measured as required by the specific study.

CS-COUSIN is the first Core Outcome Set group within the Cochrane Collaboration. CS-COUSIN provides assistance and guidance for the development of COS in dermatology following a structured peer guidance workflow.

Core Outcomes Sets are available or being developed for the following conditions:

If you are interested in joining a group, starting a COS development in dermatology or get involved in any other way, please get in touch!